Professional Auto Service at Aston Martin Dallas

Are you in need of car service near Dallas? At Aston Martin Dallas, we offer fast, professional auto service in Dallas, TX and specialize on maintaining and repairing luxury vehicles just like yours. We offer one of the most state-of-the-art service centers in Dallas, allowing us to diagnose and address auto service needs of Aston Martin drivers all over the North Texas area faster than ever. Whether you need an oil change, brake repairs, engine-tune-up, professional detailing or any type of auto service in Texas, our technicians are here to provide your vehicle with the expertise and attention to detail that it needs to get back to like-new condition again in no time.


2425 West Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75220

Service: 833-652-0403


  • Monday 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Tuesday 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Wednesday 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Thursday 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Friday 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Saturday Closed
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Dealership Hours

  • Monday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Tuesday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Wednesday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Thursday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Saturday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Sunday Closed

Parts Dept. Hours

  • Monday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Tuesday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Wednesday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Thursday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Friday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

Service Dept. Hours

  • Monday 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Tuesday 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Wednesday 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Thursday 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Friday 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed


When your vehicle needs service or repairs, we invite you to either schedule an appointment online or stop by our Aston Martin service center and our technicians will get to work on diagnosing and addressing any issues in a fast and convenient manner so you can get back to enjoying the renowned performance of your Aston Martin vehicle.Whether you need an oil change or a brake repair, our Avondale technicians are trained to know Aston Martin vehicles inside and out, allowing us to diagnose and fix any issue in the quickest and most convenient manner possible. We have the genuine Aston Martin parts that are designed, tested and certified to be used on your specific Aston Martin vehicle, allowing us to address any issue right away and work on getting you back on the roads around Dallas in no time.



  • Certified technicians with over 1000 years of combined service experience  
  • Friendly and efficient service staff that will take care of you and your vehicle and get you quickly on your way  
  • Complimentary loaner vehicle with service work  
  • Complimentary shuttle service near Dallas area
  • Competitive pricing based on routinely checking other dealerships  
  • Complete line of factory diagnostic equipment that's not available at independent service repair shops  
  • Genuine parts backed by a two-year unlimited mileage warranty  
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi and computer work station in our client lounge  
  • Complimentary deluxe car wash & vacuum with all service work  
  • Complete interior and exterior details available


Have a flat tire? Need a tow? Run out of gas? Rest assured knowing that whatever happens while you're on the road, we're here to help. In most cases, roadside assistance coverage extends through your warranty period. This coverage period may have been extended if you purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle. If you should find yourself in need of Aston Martin Roadside Assistance, please call us at 1-888-592-7866 and have the following information ready when you call so that you can be better served: Your name, telephone number, year, model, color, identification number, disabled location of vehicle and description of problem.

Why Service at Our Dealership?

We're committed to providing professional, convenient, and affordable auto service in Dallas while serving drivers from all over Texas. It's our mission to help make getting your vehicle properly serviced by professionals that know your vehicle best easier for drivers around Dallas-Fort Worth so they can continue enjoying their dream vehicles at the highest level for many miles to come.

Experienced Aston Martin Servicing

If you need Aston Martin servicing, there's no comparison between our cutting-edge Aston Martin service center and a third-party garage around Dallas. Our technicians are factory-trained to work on Aston Martin vehicles and continue to attend training sessions from the factory multiple times a year, giving us a terrific level of expertise. Other garages in the area work on a variety of different vehicles each day and might not have the tools needed to address the issues on your vehicle correctly. We also only use genuine Aston Martin OEM parts when repairing your vehicle, allowing us to maintain warranty coverage and get your vehicle back to like-new condition again for as long as you want to drive it. Other third party garages can use aftermarket parts that aren't designed for your vehicle, and are rather mass-produced using cheaper materials. This causes them to break faster, leaving you in need of more servicing and repairs and costing you more in the long run.

Take Advantage of Our Great Service Amenities Today

When you visit our service center, your comfort, convenience, and satisfaction is our priority. We have state-of-the-art facilities, including a multitude of service bays so you don't have to wait to get an appointment. While you're waiting, you can enjoy our service lounge, offering comfortable seating, air conditioning, Wi-Fi connectivity, complimentary snacks/drinks, and much more. If your servicing is going to take longer, we have Aston Martin service loaner vehicles for you to uses so you don't have to skip a beat in your busy schedule.

What Are Common Servicing Needs for Texas Drivers?

Your Aston Martin vehicle is important to you, and it's important to us. We're here to help you maintain the highest level of performance and condition to keep it in day-one condition for longer. We recommend following the Aston Martin service intervals outlined in your owner's manual, with servicing each year or every 10,000 miles to allow us to address smaller issues before they become larger problems. During a routine maintenance appointment, we'll change your oil and filter to ensure your engine is protected and in peak condition for your trips around Dallas-Fort Worth. We'll also inspect and top off your fluids, including coolant, power steering, brake, windshield washer, and more so that your vehicle is properly equipped. Tire and wheel inspections occur during every service visit and we can balance and align them for you in no time.

Schedule a Service Appointment Online Today

We invite you to make a service appointment online to choose the date and time that works best with your busy schedule. We also encourage you to check out our service specials before you visit to see if you can save on servicing your vehicle in Dallas. If you have any questions about servicing, you can contact us online, over the phone, or come see us in our service center today.