Innovation Never Sleeps – The 2019 DB11 V8 and V12 in Dallas

True innovators never stop creating just because they already have something incredible. They keep building and discovering more ways to raise the bar. With the 2019 DB11 V8 and V12 in Dallas, you are taken to unprecedented heights with these two engine options. Although the only difference in the exterior is the V12 having two more hood vents, there are a couple of things to consider when looking under that hood. Let’s dive into the details of what makes each engine option an adrenaline driven experience…

Blow by Blow Power

The DB11 as a whole is a marvelous vehicle to experience. When it comes to speed, the V8 engine option will give you 503 horsepower and a maximum 187 miles per hour. The V12 provides 600 horsepower and will get you to a top speed of 200 miles per hour. So in a nutshell, the difference in speed between these two engine options are minuscule, but what makes the DB11 unique in its engine capabilities, is the intelligent cylinder bank activation. This engine control system can shut down half of the engine’s cylinders which ultimately helps improve fuel efficiency, making this the cleanest, most fuel-efficient DB ever!

Handing the Driving Experience

Regardless of which engine you pick, the DB11 will ultimately provide you with an incredible driving experience. Despite having a 100 horsepower output difference, the way you’ll feel in the V8 will probably be entirely different than driving a V12. Weighing 250 pounds less than the V12, the V8 model is also stiffer and has a slightly more rear-biased center of mass. These features will give you better handling, especially around those hard turns.  

After the dust has cleared and the engines come to a complete halt, only then will you be able to choose between these two influential performers. Will you choose the V12 with 100 more horsepower or the stronger handling V8? Visit us at Aston Martin of Dallas for a test drive today, and make your choice.