Beauty and a Beast – Comparing the 2019 DB11 in Dallas

The performance racing experience has been elevated due to the Aston Martin 2019 DB11 in Dallas. With its perfect proportions and iconic design, this predatory athletic machine will inspire you to achieve new heights in speed and luxury. With competitors rising up to challenge the DB11, it can be confusing when comparing specific features, but that’s precisely what we did! When it comes down to the fine details, we’ve set the DB 11 up next to the Mercedes AMG S 65 to see who comes out as champion. We already know the DB11 can’t be beaten, but go ahead and make your own judgments.

Performance and Design

When testing the limits of speed on the track or through winding roads, twin-turbo engines produce 503 and 600  brake horsepower respectively, with stabilization occurring when air navigates throughout the body and exits out of the rear through a small opening. Any excess air is handled by the deployable Aeroblade™. This dynamic feature is used to harnesses airflow for enhanced stability, so there’s no need for a prominent rear wing. The AMG S 65 doesn’t offer a retractable rear wing for added stability. With different driving modes like GT and Sport to cater towards ride quality and agility, the driver can select their own experience and feel the true nature of Aston Martin. Once inside Astons DB11, incredible hand-tailored design with immaculate attention to detail provides both passenger and driver a unique experience. Although Mercedes vehicles give a substantial presence and luxurious experience, nothing can quite beat the prominent design of the DB11’s iconic grille and clamshell hood, with natural materials to encase those who ride in it.

Marvelous Technology

Along with hosting incredible design features and engine power, the DB11 brings home a fantastic deployment of technology that gives the driver a thoroughly modern interface along with advanced features. Some of these features include an electronic instrument cluster and an 8-inch high definition LCD screen to project directions and other readouts.

That’s enough reading, visit us at Aston Martin of Dallas to test drive this incredible driving machine. We guarantee that 2019 DB11 in Dallas won’t disappoint.