Aston Martin Dallas- Press Release on the Lagonda Vision Concept

Aston Martin Dallas is proud to be a part of Aston Martin’s push towards a revolutionary concept.  On March 6th, 2018, Aston Martin revealed the all-new Lagonda Vision Concept. With production slated for as early as 2021, the Aston Martin Lagonda aims to be the world’s first zero emission luxury brand.

There are plans for a coupe concept as well as an SUV concept, giving drivers options.  The design of the Lagonda is nothing short of revolutionary with the batteries spread through the floor of the vehicle.  Since the structural integrity of the vehicle is through the floor, the Lagonda Concept has the rear-hinged back doors and roof section open to where the passengers can walk into the vehicle, giving a whole new level of convenience.  Chairs are mounted through the use of cantilevered arms extending from the floor outside the seat frame giving you an uncluttered floor.

The Lagonda concept will also make use of designs from David Snowdon, renowned English craftsman and Savile Row tailors, experts tailoring luxury vehicles.  With these top designers helping to create this concept vehicle, the exterior and concept of the vehicle will not be the only thing revolutionary about the Lagonda.

The design is also taking into consideration the new wave of autonomous vehicles.  The front seat is able to swivel 180 degrees to face the passengers while the vehicle is autonomously driving on recognizable roads.  The steering wheel can adjust to multiple heights and angles to make it non-intrusive.  Utilizing solid state electrical batteries, the vehicle will have a range around 400 miles before recharging.  Even then, the vehicle is designed to be compatible with the latest wireless conductive technology.

All of this combined with Aston Martin’s racing heritage and experience with multi-material bonding, techniques, the Lagonda concept will be supremely light for an all-electric luxury car.  Using an electric drive system to provide intelligent all-wheel drive, the vehicle will be able to accommodate conditions on demand.

While this is still in the design process, we here at Aston Martin Dallas are excited for what the future holds and are glad to be a part of it.