A Twist on a Classic – The 2019 DB11 Coupe in Dallas

The 2019 DB11 Coupe in Dallas is an icon reimagined, and it’s the most efficient and robust “DB” model in the history of Aston Martin! So get ready to buckle up, because after you know a little more about this powerhouse, you’ll be itching for a test-drive.

Incredible Style

The gorgeous silhouette of the 2019 DB11 Coupe is not something to be missed. Easily mistaken as art, the DB11’s iconic grille has been amplified while the clamshell hood and Aston Martin Aeroblade™ raise expectations for competitors. Aeroblade™ is used to harnesses airflow to enhance stability, so there’s no need for a prominent rear wing. As the air is channeled throughout the body, it exits out of a minuscule opening on the rear, and if there’s any excess air, then a deployable spoiler raises to accommodate. Step inside the DB11, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by natural materials handled by supreme craftsmanship, and a state of the art infotainment system to provide you and your passenger with utmost convenience. With a variety of detailing options and colors, you can craft the DB11 to fit your unique style.


Performance and Fuel Consumption

Producing 503bhp and 600bhp respectively, the DB11’s V8 and V12 twin-turbo engines offer exceptional performance while improving fuel efficiency. As demanding of an appetite the DB11 has, it’s not matched by its need for fuel due to the intelligent cylinder bank activation. This system makes this DB the most fuel-efficient ever, and it does so by alternating between banks of cylinders during low periods of demand which causes less fuel to be consumed. The DB11 offers different driving modes to enrich each unique driving experience: GT, Sport and Sport Plus. GT mode gives an exemplary ride quality while Sport provides the driver with added firmness and agility. Selecting Sport Plus increases intensity to show you the meaning of a true sports car. To aid in this powerful engine is the Curlicue, which is a gill-like vent located in the front wheel arch lining that extracts high-pressure air and reduces front-end aerodynamic lift.


Superb Safety

Match all of this style and performance with convenient safety features like a surround camera system, parking sensors in the front and rear, and a rearview monitor. To help with reaching those top speeds, the DB11 also has ABS And Driveline Traction Control to give you ultimate control whether braking or accelerating.


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