When it comes to your Aston Martin vehicle, you don't want to wait until there's an issue that needs to be addressed before you bring it in for servicing. Instead, bring your vehicle into Aston Martin Dallas for routine servicing and keep your vehicle in like-new condition for as long as you own it. Routine servicing protects the investment you made in your vehicle by addressing smaller issues before they become larger issues, allowing you to enjoy the highest level of performance on every trip around Dallas. To help you understand what makes routine servicing so important, we're going to address common service questions raised by our customers.

Why is Routine Servicing Important?

Routine service is also referred to as preventative maintenance, as it allows us to address the smaller issues on your vehicle before they turn into larger and more costly problems.

What's the Most Common Routine Servicing Needs?

Oil and filter changes are some of the easiest, least expensive, and most important ways that you can keep your vehicle performing at the highest level. Your motor oil protects your engine from dirt and other debris getting in, while also lubricating and cooling the many moving parts, allowing your Aston Martin vehicle to deliver exhilarating athleticism on every trip around Highland Park.

We also recommend frequent fluid flushes and replacements. Your vehicle has many different fluids that allow it to reach the pinnacle of performance, and when they get low or dirty, it affects the performance of your vehicle. To keep your vehicle in the right condition on trips around University Park and Grapevine, we suggest getting your fluids topped off frequently.

Checking your tires and brakes are also included in every routine maintenance visit to ensure that your vehicle is safe and performing the way it's engineered to.

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We invite drivers from Dallas and the Preston Hollow area to schedule a service appointment online or visit our service center for routine maintenance today. We encourage you to explore our service specials to save on your next visit and learn more about Aston Martin servicing through our comprehensive service FAQs today.

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